Paint Canvas Print With Varnish

Artists have long covered their works of art with varnish. Not only does it infuse the painting with life and make give it a glossier finish, it also protects the painting from dirt and the heat of the sun or heat from other sources. Heat can make the paint go soft and runny and thus ruin a work of art.

Also, at a higher temperature, molecules move more quickly thus, chemical reactions occur more rapidly which in turn increases the rate of decay.?? A coat of varnish can also prevent the ink or paint from running when it comes in contact with even a tiny amount of water. So when you order a canvas print of your photos instruct your service provider to apply a coat of varnish. If your service provider does not offer this service, you can apply the varnish coating on your own. The process is fairly simple when you have the right tools and you know what to do. Here is how to paint varnish on your canvas print:

First, gather all the things you will need:

A shallow dish

Wide varnishing brush

A plastic sheet or newsprint

Start by laying the canvas print to be varnished flat on a clean, even surface.

Pour a generous amount of varnish on a wide, shallow dish or container. You can choose between a matte finish and a glossy finish.?? If you want your canvas print to have a bit of a shine go for a glossy finish, but if you want a nice, clean appearance, opt for a matte finish.

Wet your brush in the varnish to coat the bristles and then apply it on to the canvas using long, even strokes. Start at top of the canvas and gently work your way down to the bottom in one continuous motion.

Get rid of air bubbles as you work. As soon as you see an air bubble, smooth it out using your brush and then continue applying the varnish.

Avoid applying varnish over areas of the canvas that you have already painted on.?? Rather, let the first coat of varnish dry and then apply a second coat to cover any area that you might have missed.

Put a plastic sheet on a piece of newsprint over the canvas while you let the varnish dry. This will prevent dust from gather on the surface of the print. Place the plastic sheet or piece of newsprint in such a way that it is elevated from the canvas surface.

It is a good idea to apply one to three thin coats of varnish instead of applying one thick coat. A thick coat of varnish takes a lot longer to dry which raises the chances of dust collecting on the surface and ruining the look of your canvas print. Also, a thick coat of varnish might dry cloudy over dark colors. Also, when a thick coat of varnish is applied, the brush strokes are more likely to be visible when it dries.??

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