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What is digital publishing?

The world of publishing is changing. At one stage we used to turn a page to read, now we swipe to watch, listen and interact with our information.

Digital Publishing is much the same as traditional paper-based publishing. Both involve the need for content creation along with page layout and design. However the end product is view through a tablet device ( such as a apple iPad ) which allows publishers to add sound, movement, video and interactivity that can really enhance a viewers experience.

With the growth of tablet devices, its almost a certainly that digital publishing will start to play a large role with how business communicate to the world.

Here are a key points of digital publishing benefits:

Reader Engagement

Publishing to tablet devices allows designers to utilize sound, video, animation and interactivity. By applying the same design principles that we use for print publishing, new and existing projects can now be transferred over for tablet use and taking them to new limited for user engagement.

Accessibility and Mobility

Heavy documents and numerous books are now as light as a single tablet device. And now instead of going to the book shop or news agency, magazines and other publications can be downloaded via the internet with just the touch of a screen. Tablet devices are the perfect medium with which to transport, view, organize and store your publications.

Reduced Cost

Digital Publishing Australia is all about reaching more people for less money – And in some cases, making more money at the same time for sales of products. Businesses can also no be free of the burden of wasting time and money on print product and traditional door-to-door delivery. To publish to a tablet is almost instant, waste less and unlimited. Even when they have already been release and even bought.

Build advertising revenue

Publish captivating, interactive ads that support sustained reader interest; create stronger drive to purchase; and deliver provable, increased return on ad informed content decisions

Plan editorial content more confidently, and give advertisers accurate, detailed insight into how readers interact with stories and advertisements.Optimize ad spend

Give advertisers the information they need to improve overall ad impact. Use powerful visualization tools to analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving data in real time.

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