Author: levaquin2016

A Great Series On Maps

The BBC website is full of useful stuff, but once section I have just come across reminded me of a series they broadcast back in 2010. It was called the beauty of maps and came in four episodes. I am not sure if I saw all four, but certainly remember that it was good. Best […]

Digital Publishing Australia

What is digital publishing? The world of publishing is changing. At one stage we used to turn a page to read, now we swipe to watch, listen and interact with our information. Digital Publishing is much the same as traditional paper-based publishing. Both involve the need for content creation along with page layout and design. […]

Paint Canvas Print With Varnish

Artists have long covered their works of art with varnish. Not only does it infuse the painting with life and make give it a glossier finish, it also protects the painting from dirt and the heat of the sun or heat from other sources. Heat can make the paint go soft and runny and thus […]

Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers

When Christmas is thought of, everyone has their own personal image of the perfect day spent with family and enjoying the company of others. Computers were not around at the time when Christmas was first celebrated but now that they are and modern computers are customizable to the user personal requirements or settings, Christmas wallpapers […]