How to Paint Flowers in The Oil Paintings?

Both the plants in the pot and flowers inserted in the vase are the still lives theme that artists love. They can be alone made into the painting, or can also be used as a part of a group of still lives, such as adding some fruit, a bowl or a glass bottle pattern.

Flowers portray is not simple. Many people often make excessive procedures because of the deliberate drawing each petal and details of the leaves and stems resulting in the painting looking very untidy. So in the description of flowers, it is very important to make simplification in some extent. Furthermore, you must also know what the main characteristics of these flowers are and can correctly determine which should be simplified and which should be highlighted. They look full or weak without force, are circular or horn; each stem has several flowers or only one? How thick the stem and flower are? All these features must be understood before describing them.

Another mistake that beginners are easy to make is that they cannot correctly link the scrape and container. So if the flower that you draw is inserted in an opaque vase, you have to imagine in the bottle under the stalk what kind of shape should be so that you can draw the correct position and the proportion of flowers and stems. Before painting, the more thoroughly to consider this issue in this aspect, the less endless changes will be in the process of formal painting. And too many changes will result in your work becoming a complete mess. At the same time, you should carefully try to figure out the color relations of objects, because after painting they are often different from what you have expected. Some leaves are translucent. Through them, light will cast all the shadow color.

And the color of petals is not expected. For example, we all know that narcissus is yellow, but once you carefully observe its petals, you will find that it is actually made up of a series of brown and green together and only high light is the real yellow. Before the official creation, it is a wise choice to draw sketches and you will find it easy to paint from the dark part to the light and leave the highlight to the end. The painting brush should be decisive when depicting the petals to make bold strokes, instead of using a small sable brush to heuristically paint. Try not to repeatedly draw a part. If for some reason you draw the wrong places, it is best to shave it off again.

Because the vase and kettle shape are usually tall and narrow, so it is necessary to add some additional objects to balance the picture effect. In this painting, the book is to play this role, but also to add more color to the painting. An advantage of painting still life is that you can almost completely control any aspect of objects-types of objects, display methods, color and light source. In this painting, the artist cleverly will screen combination of natural decorative means: fresh flowers, the bucket on the handmade ware with tablecloths and figurines.

The painter wants to conduct an experiment here. If the flowers are on the screen in a higher position, whether can through the cloth stripes can make the picture effect balance. When painting, he finds that it needs to add something to balance the painting. Therefore he adds a flower in the lower right corner. The artist also makes careful characterization to the most flowers, because he hopes these flowers can form contrast with the black background. Dark vase in the painting has the same important role with flowers and can form a contrast with the light. In this painting with bold composition, the color is very strong far from the color of the center. Although the flowers are important parts of the painting, they themselves are not the focus of the painting, so they are acting more as a planar pattern. In fact, such paintings with visual impact are very common in the works of Gerard who likes to paint objects on the heavy black line in order to emphasize a two-dimensional space.

Art Perspective Presents Verve – A Group Show on Watercolours

New Delhi: To herald the monsoon season, Art Perspective brings forth colour-soaked watercolours by artists who excel in the medium and have been invited from across the country to participate in the show. The show is titled Verve and will be on view from July 12, 2012 till August 15, 2012 at Art Perspective, F 213/D, Lado Sarai, New Delhi – 30, Phone @ 01140564889, 11. a.m. to 7 p.m.

The artists in the show are Anjani Reddy, Anurag Mehta, Amit Kapoor, Biju Mathew, Jiaur Rahman, Jiban Barman, Prafull Sawant, Prabal Mallick, R.D. Roy, Ramesh Jhawar, Raktim Chatterjee, Rajesh Sawant, Sanjay Kamble, Sikander Singh, Sachin Naik, Vinod More, Vasudeo Kamath, Vikrant Shitole and Vinayak Deshmukh.

In Anjani Reddy’s works, the rural images of an Indian village come to life in fine detail. Her female forms are a reminder of the simplicity and beauty that we have lost, so mired are we in the complexities of everyday life. A similar spiritual approach can be found Vasudeo Kamath’s portrayal of India’s ancient heritage. He has recreated the magic of dohas, abhangs and Marathi poetry by saints like Kabir, Tulsidas, Narsimh Mehta, Jana Bai and others in his work and believes that watercolours are the best suited medium to bring out the naivety of those ancient times.

A strong statement about the current times has been made by Prabal Mallik in his watercolours that feature a series of three cows in different colours. Making a comment on the division of social structure of the world – the haves, the working class and the have nots, he has ably created the analogy between his animal forms and the world at large through his anatomically strong works. Inspired from his birthplace Nasik, Prafull Sawant has used the medium of watercolours to portray the ethereal ghats of the Godavari river and the landscapes of the temple town which he resides in. The female form resurfaces in Vinod More’s work portraying different emotions and moods of a woman as she reclines against a couch. The other artists in the show, too, have used the medium in the most evocative way bringing alive the magic of monsoon on their canvas.

Art Perspective is the newest gallery to open up in the bustling art street of Lado Sarai. Spread over an impressive 2,200 sq feet area, Art Perspective is owned and managed by the young entrepreneur Suruchi Saraf, who is herself a self-taught artist. The gallery had started its operations in June 2012 with an exciting show titled Ebony & Ivory, which featured black and white works in various mediums by renowned artists.

Says the 29-year-old Suruchi Saraf, a JMC graduate: “Lado Sarai has emerged as the new hub for art. When we thought of opening a new gallery, this was our first choice. The niche we hope to create for the gallery is by bringing forward art that is different fresh, affordable and which every viewer can relate to.”

As for the current show, the gallery wants to celebrate the rainy season with a watercolour show by artists who have brought alive the moods of a magical monsoon on their canvas.

Bring New Life to Your Place With Canvas Art Prints

Canvas art prints can make the bleakest spaces come to life. If you are planning to give your home or workplace a renovation, then you must include decorative items such as canvas art prints. They will provide a new leash of life to your place along with new flooring, new wall paints and new furniture. Canvas art prints are used popularly in contemporary residential and commercial spaces. These artworks can be customized as per the requirement and can add personal touch to the premises. They can be used as stand alone installations in larger spaces.

There are several varieties of canvas art prints available in the market. You need to trust a renowned and experienced company that deals in these forms of artworks to reap maximum value for your money. A large variety of canvas art prints are available in the market ranging from floral prints to natural landscapes and geometrical shapes. These artworks are extremely durable and last for several years without showing signs of color fading or any wear and tear. They are ultimate to add a trendy touch to your premises.

Having canvas art prints on walls will completely change the feel of your room and will have a good impression on your visitors. If used in offices, these prints can help to add interest and make the clients feel more comfortable and at home. The artwork that your buy will reflect your personal choice and your personality. You can narrow down your search by visiting museums, art galleries or by surfing the Internet. While buying these items, you must also consider the interior design of your place. It must match with the furniture and decoration of your office or home.

While buying canvas art prints for your home, you must choose different types for different rooms. If you are buying them for your kids’ room, you must buy adorable and colorful canvas art prints that will help to transform the room and create it into a dream nursery and bedroom. You can buy canvas art prints that have a coziness style for your bedroom. These tips will help you to buy good canvas art prints that will add glamour to your place.

If you want to know more about art canvas print or canvas art prints, please visit

A Great Series On Maps

The BBC website is full of useful stuff, but once section I have just come across reminded me of a series they broadcast back in 2010. It was called the beauty of maps and came in four episodes. I am not sure if I saw all four, but certainly remember that it was good.

Best of all, the BBC have placed a whole lot of information on their site, this including 14 video clips, covering:-

* Colouring Maps

* Grayson Perry’s Map of Nowhere 2008

* The Klencke Atlas 1660

* Legacy of the Satire Map

* Satire Maps and Fred W Rose

* The Goldern Age of the Altas

* The Hereford Mappa Mundi c 1300

* William Morgan’s Map of London 1682

* Discovering Andreas Cellarius’ Star Map

* Discovering Braun and Hogenberg’s city map of Constantinople

* Discovering Digital Worlds: mapping virtual spaces

* Discovering Fred Rose’s Serio-Comic War Map

* Discovering Pierre Desceliers’ World Map

* Discovering the Psalter Map

The video clips vary in length between 1 and 4 minutes and will certainly entertain and enthral anyone interested in cartography.

The Four Episodes

Medieval Maps – Mapping the Medieval Mind

The first episode was broadcast on the 19th April 2010 and discussed the historical meaning of maps, concentrating on the Hereford Mappa Mundi. This map is the largest intact Medieval wall map and as you will know if ever you have seen it, it tries to capture all of human knowledge in just one single image. The name ‘Mappa Mundi’ actually means ‘cloth of the world’ and can be found safely behind glass in Hereford Cathedral in the UK.

In fact it is only the last 20 years that have seen this map’s rise to fame, before that it had been left in storerooms and mostly forgotten.

City Maps – Order out of Chaos

With the British Library having some 4.5 million maps in its collection, it is not surprising that only a small few percentage are on display to the public. That did not stop the BBC having a delve in the archives though, the episode looking at the maps before and after the Great Fire of London.

Atlas Maps – Thinking Big

Not everyone knows it, but the Dutch were at one time the power on the seas, their fleet covering the known world. This commercial success drove map making to new heights. One of the greatest mapmakers in this period was Gerard Mercator who changed cartography forever when he published his collection of world maps in 1598. This was the first time the word ‘Atlas’ was used and it has stuck ever since.

Cartoon Maps – Politics and Satire

This great series concluded with a quick delve in the world of satirical maps. It shows how maps took on a new role, not as sources of geographical data, but for the purposes of humour. It was in this period that the graphic artist Fred Rose caught the public’s imagination with his maps of the forthcoming General Election featuring Gladstone and Disraeli. Here he used the maps to give comment on the issues of the day, issues that would recognise today.

He was lucky in his timing as the technologies being introduced at that time allowed for high speed printing with larger runs at lower costs, something that allowed him to flood the market. He used the same techniques in 1877 when he produced his Serio Comic Map of Europe at War.

Overall, as you can see this series offers the ‘mapaholic’ some serious entertainment and I recommend it to all.

Business Card Design among Others on Recycled Paper Is a Revolutionary Concept

One of main things that matter a lot in the present times is the way you manage to put your message across to the people with whom you want to communicate. If the communication is good then it is no wonder that the people whom you are sending the message are going to respond to you in the most emphatic of manners. One thing that matter a lot in the case of communicating is that it is not only the message that you put across but it is also important that you do that in the manner that is enticing or bewitching. One mode of communication is by sending the message through the printed material. You can send your message through the printed material that could be anything like the business cards, logos, post cards or other similar entities. The printed material that you send to the people across your network should be of good quality. In case the company that you have hired is the one that is environment friendly and believes in using materials like the recycled paper then there is nothing better than that.

It is really important that the people who are involved in the process of printing should lay more emphasis on using environmental friendly accessories while serving their customers. On the other hand there is one more thing that really matters a lot in the world of printing. This one thing is the quality of the material that is used while printing. It is important that you make sure that it is not only the message that needs to be good but also the quality of the paper used to print that message. Although there are many printing companies in the world that claim to be the best in the business of printing, yet all such clams cannot be trusted blindly. So whether it a business card design or a logo design that you want the only thing that mater a lot is the company that you have selected for the printed material for your self.

Majority of the printing companies use the medium of the internet, in order to make sure that their message regarding their ability to print the most emphatic of messages in the best and the most environment friendly manner. All that the customer needs to do is to log onto the site of the company that he thinks is the best in the business and are also truly awakened to the fact that their activities just do not hamper or damage the environment. It would always be safe and sound to select the printing company while keeping in mind the quality of the printed material and the concern of the company for the environment. One way of keeping the environment safe is through the use of recycled paper.

Beautiful Love Between Male And Woman – The Kiss & Impression, Sunrise

As a world famous oil painting, The Kiss is representative of symbolism art. This oil painting was created after the Vienna Secession of 1900 included Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Four who were to affect the direction of art and craft in Europe. However, its painter, Gustav Klimt went out of this movement in 1905, he couldn’t halt the influence from Mackintosh’s wife, whose linear manner focused on the use of semiprecious gems. So he made all the characteristics influenced by this movement reveal in the oil painting named The Kiss. As an art master of symbolism, Klimt had lots of goes on the subject of fulfillment before, most outstanding in the last panel of the Beethoven Frieze of 1902, which relates to some words from Schiller’s Ode to Joy, “the kiss to the whole world”. Then oil painting The Kiss was born.

Gustav Klimt had an unchained artistic manner on his art creations, and The Kiss was not an exception. He painted a mysterious background which seemed to be in chaos and put the deeply embrace in a particular space like a warm womb. Besides, the two images in the painting were decorated with circular biomorphic elements that were echoed in the woman’s dress, where there are full of blossoming flowers. Packed into gorgeous and brilliant yellow, the male put his arms around the female and gives her a soulful kiss.

The Kiss is considered as a painting that represents love between bisexual; it also stands for the sublime spirit symbol of its painter. As if The Kiss is so popular among art lovers, they usually buy the production of this oil painting from artisoo, which is a bravo art website.

Impression, Sunrise

Impression, Sunrise maybe the most representative oil painting of impressionism art; its painter Monet is well-deserved art master in the Impressionism movement. As a matter of fact, the artistic movement Impressionism has its name due to Monet’s Impression, Sunrise. Shown in an independent exhibition including Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas for the first time, Impression, Sunrise fell into an argument by the artists and art critics who were present. The opposite ones kept that it was just a sketchlike painting in a negative text; however the supporters thought it could stand for a kind of brand new art style for it broke lots of traditional painting manners. Although this painting indeed has a sketchlike character, Claude Monet’s broken and loose brushwork makes the impressionist want to seize the fleeting moment air.

Painted in a harbor of France, Impression, Sunrise has a companion piece named Impression, Sunset; despite of the skyscraping fame of Impression, Sunrise, Impression, Sunset is hardly known. But the two paintings show that Monet is good at paint continual nature; so he does, and he always paints at the same place in different time. Impression, Sunrise is done at dawn, when the modern city is awakening; so Monet endows a kind of obscure beauty to his artwork.

Viewers can see the thin morning mist, the rising sun and the tranquil sea in the oil painting. All the things look in a quiet intensity. If you are a lover of Impression, Sunrise, you can click into artisoo website where you will find the best reproduction of world famous oil paintings.

Digital Publishing Australia

What is digital publishing?

The world of publishing is changing. At one stage we used to turn a page to read, now we swipe to watch, listen and interact with our information.

Digital Publishing is much the same as traditional paper-based publishing. Both involve the need for content creation along with page layout and design. However the end product is view through a tablet device ( such as a apple iPad ) which allows publishers to add sound, movement, video and interactivity that can really enhance a viewers experience.

With the growth of tablet devices, its almost a certainly that digital publishing will start to play a large role with how business communicate to the world.

Here are a key points of digital publishing benefits:

Reader Engagement

Publishing to tablet devices allows designers to utilize sound, video, animation and interactivity. By applying the same design principles that we use for print publishing, new and existing projects can now be transferred over for tablet use and taking them to new limited for user engagement.

Accessibility and Mobility

Heavy documents and numerous books are now as light as a single tablet device. And now instead of going to the book shop or news agency, magazines and other publications can be downloaded via the internet with just the touch of a screen. Tablet devices are the perfect medium with which to transport, view, organize and store your publications.

Reduced Cost

Digital Publishing Australia is all about reaching more people for less money – And in some cases, making more money at the same time for sales of products. Businesses can also no be free of the burden of wasting time and money on print product and traditional door-to-door delivery. To publish to a tablet is almost instant, waste less and unlimited. Even when they have already been release and even bought.

Build advertising revenue

Publish captivating, interactive ads that support sustained reader interest; create stronger drive to purchase; and deliver provable, increased return on ad informed content decisions

Plan editorial content more confidently, and give advertisers accurate, detailed insight into how readers interact with stories and advertisements.Optimize ad spend

Give advertisers the information they need to improve overall ad impact. Use powerful visualization tools to analyze large volumes of rapidly evolving data in real time.

Paint Canvas Print With Varnish

Artists have long covered their works of art with varnish. Not only does it infuse the painting with life and make give it a glossier finish, it also protects the painting from dirt and the heat of the sun or heat from other sources. Heat can make the paint go soft and runny and thus ruin a work of art.

Also, at a higher temperature, molecules move more quickly thus, chemical reactions occur more rapidly which in turn increases the rate of decay.?? A coat of varnish can also prevent the ink or paint from running when it comes in contact with even a tiny amount of water. So when you order a canvas print of your photos instruct your service provider to apply a coat of varnish. If your service provider does not offer this service, you can apply the varnish coating on your own. The process is fairly simple when you have the right tools and you know what to do. Here is how to paint varnish on your canvas print:

First, gather all the things you will need:

A shallow dish

Wide varnishing brush

A plastic sheet or newsprint

Start by laying the canvas print to be varnished flat on a clean, even surface.

Pour a generous amount of varnish on a wide, shallow dish or container. You can choose between a matte finish and a glossy finish.?? If you want your canvas print to have a bit of a shine go for a glossy finish, but if you want a nice, clean appearance, opt for a matte finish.

Wet your brush in the varnish to coat the bristles and then apply it on to the canvas using long, even strokes. Start at top of the canvas and gently work your way down to the bottom in one continuous motion.

Get rid of air bubbles as you work. As soon as you see an air bubble, smooth it out using your brush and then continue applying the varnish.

Avoid applying varnish over areas of the canvas that you have already painted on.?? Rather, let the first coat of varnish dry and then apply a second coat to cover any area that you might have missed.

Put a plastic sheet on a piece of newsprint over the canvas while you let the varnish dry. This will prevent dust from gather on the surface of the print. Place the plastic sheet or piece of newsprint in such a way that it is elevated from the canvas surface.

It is a good idea to apply one to three thin coats of varnish instead of applying one thick coat. A thick coat of varnish takes a lot longer to dry which raises the chances of dust collecting on the surface and ruining the look of your canvas print. Also, a thick coat of varnish might dry cloudy over dark colors. Also, when a thick coat of varnish is applied, the brush strokes are more likely to be visible when it dries.??

Beautiful Christmas Wallpapers

When Christmas is thought of, everyone has their own personal image of the perfect day spent with family and enjoying the company of others. Computers were not around at the time when Christmas was first celebrated but now that they are and modern computers are customizable to the user personal requirements or settings, Christmas wallpapers for desktop computers are a great an easy way to begin the festive spirit in the household.

There are various different categories and thousands of individually unique Christmas backgrounds that can be purchased and downloaded straight to your desktop. One such category is the traditional ideal scenery view of how a Christmas should look. Christmas wallpapers in this category will typically show a snowman wearing human clothing in front of a row of pine needle trees that are drooping from the weight of the powdery snow. Other traditional Christmas backgrounds for desktops depict photographs of beautifully decorated trees with sparkly tinsel and colourful baubles as well as cosy little cottages that are set in the woods with icicles hanging from the roof. The warm picture of the front room on a cold winter’s day and a log fire burning on a stove with gifts and food all around is possible the most enthusing Christmas wallpaper as it depicts the need to have no worries in the world.

There is also a category of Christmas background for desktops that display images of a cheery Father Christmas in his home land of Lapland. Elves working in the factories to produce the toys for all of the good children are also popular Christmas wallpaper as are the reindeer and the sleigh that they pull. Christmas backgrounds have also added some humour to their range by having sketches or drawings of comedy. Some of these can be of distaste but there are a huge number of brilliantly funny Christmas wallpapers for desktops that can be found.

The new trend is to have animated wallpapers and screensavers loaded on the computer. There are hundreds of very good quality animated Christmas backgrounds for desktops that are truly remarkable. There are some that will simply flick through a set of pre-stored photographs of which each will provoke stimulation and excitement in the eyes of a child who has looked forward to Christmas for the entire year. There are others that depict Santa Claus in Lapland with all of his toymaker elves helping him to load up the sack presents. Another great image for animated Christmas wallpapers for a desktop personal computer is one that shows Santa in his sleigh and travelling all around the world visiting rooftops of all the houses of the children. A favourite animated Christmas background will picture Santa getting caught out whilst sliding down the chimney and eating the mince pies that have been left for him by the children.

It can therefore be seen that whatever your age or preference, there is a Christmas wallpaper for desktop computers that will fit your desires and create a great sense of nostalgia and excitement whenever the computer is started up. It will also be a handy reminder to stock up on Christmas food and get all of the shopping done.

Outdoor Canvas Art Makes Your Swimming Area And Backyard Look Beautiful

A canvas plays major role in enhancing the look of your outer area. It does not only embellish your house but adds to its market value too. Beautifying outdoors like swimming area, backyard and sundeck becomes easy with this art form. Taking comfort of Outdoor Canvas Art is the latest trend that is being followed by many eminent people. It remakes outdoor completely and caters to a fresh and novel look.

For many, it would be difficult to understand what this concept is all about because it’s quite recent and different. Use of paintings contributes to provide a unique look to your house. You can display them anywhere in the outdoors, depending on your budget. This is the best way to bring out distinctiveness in your house. You can get a canvas painted according to your taste and style, to make it stand out. This art is accomplished with high quality colors that can bear the smashes of weather. Various kinds of weather forces affect Outdoor Canvas Art differently. To deal with fading and corrosion, one needs weather proof material for making canvas. Not only dampness or peeling but UV rays and low temperature also causes great damage to canvas art.

You need not bother much about maintenance and care of these paintings, as they require least of your efforts. You can use any material to get the art done, like stone, wood, brick and stucco, though for outdoor canvas, steel structure is used. You must buy your canvas yourself after checking out your needs and exploring the options available in market. This research job can be done with the help of internet too. There are several online canvas sellers who offer variant design and colors to make an outdoor beautiful.

If canvas art is not a viable option for your outdoors then you may use wall sculptures and outdoor wallpapers too. Only thing to look while utilizing these alternatives is to take care of few essentials that can make or mar your purpose. The material with which these wallpapers are made and its waterproof quality, are two things that you cannot afford to tamper with. Decorating a house is as important as dressing up for an individual. The only difference is that you can change your clothes everyday but the articles that you place in a house, to make it look beautiful cannot be replaced every now and then. Therefore, it is important that you pay complete attention towards every aspect of canvas making. Hiring professionals for Outdoor Canvas Art is a good option, if you know any of the proficient painters. Since, outdoor is the most visited area of a house; you need to take care that the design and color of your canvas goes with the surroundings too. Canvas enhances aesthetic beauty of an outdoor area, so it is of great importance that you do not compromise with budget or quality. It has to stay longer so, nothing should be put in jeopardy.